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Originally from Paris, France, living for the last 17 years in the Outaouais, Canada, Marc WALTER is an artist who created for a long time mixed media works; he reoriented his practice to environmental art in 2004. Particularly prolific in his field, he won in 2007 the Grand prix d’excellence de la Fondation pour les arts, les lettres et la culture en Outaouais. Marc has taken part in over 80 solo and group exhibitions both in galleries and in the context of outdoor nature art events.

Marc WALTER is intrigued by how the creation of a separate piece or space on a given location will alter the ability of a visitor to perceive an emotional response. Even for a short time, his visitors become dwellers, reflecting upon the site, its history, their own path and above all, all their feelings.

His artworks are site-specific, may cause a physical or sensual change of rhythm to a site, but discretion, respect and balance are key values that he applies at all time.

For the last nine years, his work evolves around the passing of time and the way humans relate to it. Evolutions, passages, departures and memories are recurrent themes that one can find in his work in many forms and materials.